Further Information

How long is Therapy: The amount of sessions needed varies depending on the nature of person’s concerns, the complexity of the issues involved, the strength of our working relationship, and your commitment to work on your presenting issues.

A brief intervention generally requires 8-10 sessions. However, research clearly indicates that 18-20 sessions provides better, long standing outcomes.

Frequency of Visits: Generally we start with weekly sessions for approximatly 4-5 weeks before moving to fortnightly then perhaps monthly appointments. Frequency of sessions is for the most part based largely on your needs and situation.

Privacy/Confidentiality: All information you share with us is private and confidential- however there are some limitations to this which are discussed in your first session. Sessions will be provided in a confidential, safe and secure environment. Sometimes therapy may be provided in “out-of-office” environments based on your clinical needs.