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Clinical Psychology services for Adolescents and Adults


The current fee recommended by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) is $254 for a consultation of 46 – 60 minutes duration.

The fee schedule for 2019 is as follows (for a 50-55 minute appointment):
(Fees reviewed yearly)- As of January 1st 2020 – ALL fees will increase by $10.

What does your session fee cover…? Why/How are the fees set the way they are? (Click Here)

Weekday – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Sessions

  • $180 – If you have a current Mental Health Care Plan from the GP, there is a Medicare rebate available of $124.50. (Will increase to $190 in Jan 2020)

Saturday Morning & Evening sessions (5pm onwards)

  • $200 – If you have a current Mental Health Care Plan from the GP, there is a Medicare rebate available of $124.50. (No Concession Rates apply for this time slot). (Will increase to $210 in Jan 2020)

PLEASE NOTE: NO Bulkbill Offered – However, willing to discuss reduced fees for HCC holders, students and lower income families. 

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How to qualify for Medicare rebates
In order to receive the Medicare rebate on psychology sessions you must first obtain a ‘referral letter’ and a ‘Mental Health Care Plan’ from your GP or Psychiatrist.

When making the appointment with the GP, make sure you tell the receptionist that you require a referral to a psychologist as this may require them to book a longer session.

Medicare Rebates
For sessions which are part of a Mental Health Care Plan the Medicare rebate is processed at the end of the day (so you don’t have to line up at Medicare to get your rebate). You will need to ensure that Medicare have your bank account details registered for you to receive your rebate. 

You are able to receive rebates for 10 sessions per calendar year. The initial referral is for a maximum of 6 sessions, so you will be required to return to your GP for a review, which with GP approval will allow you 4 more sessions.

How to claim using your Private Health Cover
Rebates are available from most private health funds. It’s important to consult your Private Health Cover policy or call them to determine the rebates available to you. However, you cannot claim a Medicare rebate and a Private Health Fund rebate on the same appointment, therefore many people choose to use up the number of Medicare sessions available for a calendar year (up to 10 sessions) and then use their private cover for additional appointments – some funds even require this now. In order to use your private health cover, we can provide you with a receipt and you will be able claim your refund direct from  your provider.