Arise Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology services for Adolescents and Adults

Information for Doctors

We are happy to receive referrals from GPs and Psychiatrists. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your client prior to referral.

Please consider addressing your referral to “Arise Clinical Psychology”. As our team grows this will allow us to decide which clinical psychologist is best suited to treat your patient, based on area of specialty.

Process for making a referral:

  1. Develop a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) with your client and bill the appropriate item number to Medicare
  2. Along with your MHCP Have a brief cover letter addressed to our clinic (or the individual clinical psychologist) and include:
    1. Your provider number, date and signature
    2. The number of sessions you wish your patient to receive under Medicare (6 or 10).
  3. Please explain that Medicare requires our clinical psychologists to communicate with the referring doctor periodically.

Please address all referrals to:

Arise Clinical Psychology
PO Box 7038
Applecross North WA 6153

or you can foward them via email to arisepsych (at) or fax to 6314 6603